**Baby** ...leave me... **lon** , this is revolutionary!

What an exciting time we are steering at!

Babylon and EigenLayer, two groundbreaking revolutions to the space, both arriving timely to rocketboost an upcoming bull market that is already fuelled with optimistic fundamentals.

These two projects are imo the real showstealers for this bull and beyond, not because they look or sound pretty but because fundamental advancements are brought to crypto’s parent assets, which will boost innovative traction for the whole DLT space.

Interoperability and security outsourcing - a great unification that is in the spirit of Cosmos and inherently upgrades the quality and real-world value of blockchain and its applications.

Too excited for this - bullish above the ears - and itching to stake Bitcoin and get a bag of Babylon. But beyond that, excited for the acceleration that the additional value preposition will bring to Bitcoin and DLT adoption.

Thanks to the team and much success building out the final stones to this golden gate :100:

Would love to hear your thoughts around Babylon and its impact on the space!


Very excited about upcoming features . The dapp is easy to use everything works smooth.Just an amazing time an place to be !

Very Excited for :baby: :lion: