Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4 Feedback

Nice project babylon Tesnet 4. However, stacking overflow.

I have overflow twice, Please help to completed it.

Unable to take as the staking cap is reached and also unable to link BTC Signet wallet on galxe tasks quests pleasedo the needful

There were issues with overflow error and pending stake afterwards but its working fine now

Overflow after waiting hours for pending stake

Stake done but overflow

Nice project babylon Tesnet 4

why stake cap full ?

Plesae fix error Stacking overflow

I was lucky to get staking this time, but with OKX Wallet, GAS cannot be set up, so in many cases the transaction does not go through.

hoping for a smooth experience

Why are the rates so small?

Staking cap reached before galxe tasks even started

Very smooth~ i love it

estnet is very good and simple,i face no issue while staking ,very smooth and easy .

good///very nice testnet 4. I like your interface…Babylon project is bring BTC chain to the new innovation.

My heartfelt congratulations to Babylon on her successful $70 million fundraising led by Paradigm. I firmly believe that with the growth of Bitcoin, Babylon will lead the Bitcoin ecosystem Way to go, Babylon

I can’t stake signetBTC. When can I stake?

The amazing project so join the testnet airdrop

A very smooth testing network, looking forward to the early launch of the fourth phase of the pledge😀