Babylon Tesnet Staking Feedback

It’s working out better than I thought it would, flexible and simple.

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its working nicely…good

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really enjoyed the testnet but actually had a little issue while requesting the test tokens.

Hello, I have found four points of feedback to share.

When reloading the site, it consistently prompts:

Please connect your wallets.
This application is designed for desktop use only.
Disable your ad blockers.

I believe many DeFi sites do not require constant reconnection.
Therefore, it would be better if there was no need to do so.(Apologies if this seems trivial.)

I have 5.62 tBBN that are claimable, but I couldn’t claim them.

In Step 3 of the UI, under the “Set up staking terms” section,
it would be better to display a calendar UI in a selection style.

The “Withdraw” button, located at the bottom of the screen, should ideally be displayed on the same level as the “Staking Summary” and “Available Balance” sections in the UI.
I believe that the “Withdraw” feature is the most important.
( If the Withdraw button is hard to spot, I think BTC maximalists might start a riot.)

Perfect with high performance

My first staking and it was smooth. I would love to stake again.

It has been great participating in this

Had amazing experience testing. UI is so simply and not complicated. Easy, smooth and straight to the point. good job team babylon. looking forward to many more GG

good project and interface is so coll and approving so fast ı like it tnks all team

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very good project…no issue…really fast

Smooth and easy to use, generally great experience.

it worked smoothly for me today.

Staking was good but a warning that you will have to confirm 4-5 transactions n your OKX wallet should appear

for the complex task being performed everything ran very smotth. great job

this project is our future

I have had no problem with any of the test net activities with Babylon. The only problem in BTC test nets overall is that faucets are very limited and hard to come by. I was also able to get tBTC from the faucet in Babylon discord only once.

very well done this testnet

my opinion this testnet is good

everything good project

Staking BTC well done