Babylon Testnet - 4 Feedback

I understood that the staking slots were filling up quickly, but it was hard to tell where they were still available.
In a hurry situation, it would have been even better if I could recognize it right away.

The enjoyable experience can follow this testnet. Everything went smoothly and without any issues.

It’s still a little slow to use

Its good but slowly

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it is easy to use and smoot

this platform is very good

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so coooool!![quote=“camecic, post:1, topic:18109, full:true”]
Everything works admirably well, I didn’t notice any problems. I agree with the others that an extremely small pool for people would be great if it were expanded, well, everything is fine.

Please turn on pool limits so you can attract more users.

The process went quite simply and smoothly. I am just wondering, when the gas fee spikes, how do people pay the gas fee since we got a little amount from the Discord faucet and my stake is overflowing?

still pending but very smooth