Daily stake (testnet-4)

I was able to sake seamlessly though my stake is still pending, i’ll keep an eye it hopefully it goes through

recently participated in the Daily Stake Testnet 4 and had a great experience. The platform is user-friendly, and the staking process is seamless. The community support is excellent, and the overall functionality of the testnet exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to seeing the final product!

This is so strong project.

I was able to sake seamlessly though my stake.

Hi Babylon, keep doing

Best System and Smooth work

Wao im staking done !

good project for bull run

not success but very high fee

very good,lovevery good

Welcome to Babylon Discourse!

When a transaction status shows as unconfirmed, it means that it has been broadcast to the Bitcoin network but hasn’t been included in a block yet. This is a common occurrence, especially during periods of high network activity.

You can monitor your transaction’s status in real-time using tools like Mempool Space. If the transaction remains unconfirmed for an extended period, it might be worth checking if the fee is sufficient for the current network conditions.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!


I managed to stake sBTC, although not the first time, since the network was loaded

This product runs very smoothly and quickly, and the test results are good