Feedback - first time trying btc l2

Overall, both UI and UX felt more polished than before. As many mentioned, rewards claim currently did not work but I could understand that staking btc rewards native token (tBBN in this case).

I do have one comment in regards to UI though - for Step 3 (setting up staking terms), I think staking with fixed terms would be better than giving freedom to users to set their own staking days, just to prevent human errors.
(Like Alex, where they give options to stake for 15, 29, 44, 88 and 115 fixed days - referred as ‘cycles’)

Also, I wanted to try creating my own validator but it was too complicated for me. Could a Docker image be set up for a case like this?

Now that we see where tBBN is coming from, I hope to learn the use of it. Looking forward to exploring Babylon testnet and dApps to try & test tBBN tokens!