Feedback Megathread (testnet-3)

Lets goo babylon…stake now boy

Testnet cap 2 done, waiting long time for verify…

it was smooth and fast no hiccup at all

i was able to stake today will no transaction error

Can’t wait to see more posts like this. Thanks

Great project with good team. Love what you guys are building.
Also pls fix the faucet. Lots of people are facing difficulties getting faucet.

In some validators, you can’t stick it. I tested it several times and it fails, but the speed of the site has improved a lot.

In my opinion, the appearance of the website is very good, elegant and beautiful. but the website is too slow to refresh the user’s balance. I hope that in the future this website can be even better in its UI&UX

I just made a stake, and the process was very simple and quick, apparently.

This is amazing journey

Not work with me I have this problem :
Stake Error
Failed to stake due to: Insufficient funds: unable to gather enough UTXOs to cover the staking amount and fees.
19 June 2024 at 10:15:55

t’s a good project, I’m looking forward to its further development, it’s a pity that the pools are just full.

Oku good project thanks

It was difficult to catch the moment for betting, then the wallet in Galxe was not connected

very good babylon I like you

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it, the limit was reached. :frowning:

every process working properly and smooth

A promising project!

no errors no bugs, all perfect

good and smooth
I really into babylon again