Feedback Megathread (testnet-4)

I am so excited to participate in the testnet. Even though I haven’t been able to request for faucet

I am happy to be part of this great project
no bugs, UI simplified

thật điên khùng, tôi không thể faucet btc trong discor, rất cần sự hổ trợ của các bạn

project is interesting

good jobs guys i wish you all the best

Great experience on staking. More help around other stuff needed.

Babylon is classic staking for btc. the idea is massive and am enjoying every bit of it

I’ve commented before but I can’t find my link, the staking experience was good but then your site doesn’t link properly with Galxe for verification. Apart from this every other thing is good

Excelent platform i am so glad to attended for testnet, everything working well

still we need more capacity to stake . we must always waiting for cap to stake
please fix it

Countdown the time to open staking

great project, Explore Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4

great project, Explore Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4

I’m quite excited about this project, but you still have a lot of problems to deal with

There is something strange with My stake status is Overflow since the beginning, and it never changed. This is the hash mempool - Bitcoin Explorer

I cant stake, everytime was issue with fees. Belive tomorrow will be good

Great project, we need more, Block processing speed, faucet are all problems

Faucet is working slow


great ! waiting for mainnet