Feedback Megathread

Staking was quick and error free. Looking forward to doing more stuff.


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Babylon project concept facinates me and for the first time in the history we are able to use BTC to secure the POS chains. This is mindblowing by itself.

For the first time i have used Babuylon testnet today. I should say i am really impressed.


  1. The whole process is super smooth no glitches or errors.
  2. Babylon provided medium guides to help navigate the community.
  3. Super clean UI and branding.
  4. Website is fast and responsive.
  5. Staking doenst take too much time, Confirmations is different but the amount of time it takes to stake is super low so thats impressive and love it when projects value community members time, Inested boring long process babylon is on point in tasks.


  1. Lot of my freinds not able to get some testnet tokens to test, faucet problem is universal i guess haha.
  2. There are 5 transscations to approve, If its on mainnet the transactions fees will be high.

Yeah these are the things i have noticed so far. Hope my feedback is helpful.


everything is perfect ,thanks babylon

True i feel the same way, well written

Simple and nice UX. Process and tx was fast!



Wow, that was very smooth, thanks for building this product for bitcoiners! looking forward to mainnet

I have staked sBTC just now, I feel there i have to click so many times to stake. Can we reduce the approvals or so something so that with 1 or 2 clicks we should be able to stake would be great.

This is not such a problem, Just in terms of user experience i am saying, Having less things to click willl help with low gas fees and experince.

Rest the whole process is super simple!!!

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rất mượt, dự án ngon

Testnet Staking is Quickly! Why!? Bitcoin??

It was quick and respond soon but can’t see the TX at okx wallet.Maybe we can prove it

The Process was relatively smooth and like others to confirm sBTC you had to click approve 3 times and whilst I understand its probably the protocol/wallet requiring this it does make it seem like the UX isnt quite there.



Babylon, One of my great experiences it was staking $BTC felt like real. kudos to the team. every process and step was smooth. geting sBTC was pain but it was worth it. if possible plz shift the staking sBTC to tBTC or both, it will be helpful for many in geting faucet and completing the lovely staking task.

This is revolutinary, Not even noticed any error the whole process is super simple.

I got a little error at first try but when i tried again everything works very smooth…

GOOD UI and Smooth TX!
Faucet was too hard for users but BTC staking is really scalable for us!
Thanks team

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got error on first try but second try was successful and smooth.

So smooth and easygoing, personally was expecting more difficulties specially in the beginning

Great experience. Good to explore babylon and love supporting the new innovations

really loving the UI - very clean and clear. takes a while to refresh confirmations compared to the mempool explorer but eventually updates