Feedback Megathread

super experience<. tout s’est bien passé

everything works great!

i like this stake ,Thanks you so much

The feedback for the Signet BTC staking trial is excellent.

i found the process smooth and user-friendly.

Enhanced security features were appreciated.

Flexibility in settings was a notable aspect.

Participants expressed satisfaction with the overall experience.

The trial provided valuable insights for improvement.

Many investors found it to be an appealing choice.

Signet BTC staking shows promising potential.

Staking was smooth. Today I tried to delegate to the second validator and was smooth.

great, fast, smooth, esasy work. good project.

run very smooth but waited for long time to get bbn testnet token

Nice and smooth but waited so long to get bbn testnet token from faucet

Very simple,very fast,but test tokens go very slowly

great and smooth and fast and easy :heart_eyes:

I am use tesnet over all simple but process long, I am very thanks team very strong

I completed both rounds of babylong testnet, everything worked well both times. When the 2nd round came up I was able to claim rewards from the first round, and also restake to a different validator. I had 3 positions held the first time for different lengths of time. so it was good to see all of that working. 2nd testnet I was glad to see the claim function working from the first testnet, so i got to test more functionality the 2nd time.