Feedback Megathread

The testnet worked fine. Little or no bugs. Well-done team

smooth like a charm, i can’t complain

good platform . every transactions are speed and smooth. getting faucet is tedious work. thanks and regards

nice experience. Babylon let’s grow up together

It was smooth with no difficulties.

Its hard to get signet btc but testnet is smooth and easy

It’s a nice experience

Testnet was smooth and very responsive

i just start and lets start walk with this

its was smoth just fucet was not working and minimu satking shud be reduced

The entire process of staking BTC was a little bit technical, but I learned some new techniques in the process, and it was an amazing experience.

Thanks to Babylon for the smooth experience through the journey of BTC staking, it’s awesome.


The testnet is simple and smooth the only failure is that I had to validate the transactions several times on my wallets but maybe it was just a bug

i really like that yoiu guys working for btc stacking this is very new concept i like this new way to unlock high security i hope mainnet you launch in h1

The staking process is very simple if you follow through the guide.
The interface is also user-friendly.

Finding my bbn wallet address was hard for me at first but then I took my time and followed instructions carefully and voila, it was there all along staring at me. I staked , it was so easy and fun to do. I feel good now and I plan to stake over and over again . Well done guys…thumbs up

Overall good experience, smooth and fast transaction :+1::fire:

Smooth experiences. Sometimes it lagging

After completing all possible testnet actions, I can affirm that staking on the testnet was smooth, which is a significant achievement for any blockchain project in its testnet phase. This smooth operation speaks volumes about the backend work and optimization that has gone into the Babylon platform.

However, it’s worth noting that obtaining sBTC faucet tokens is down at times.

Overall, the testnet experience was smooth and transactions were fast and without problems.

So, in my humble opinion, the Babylon BTC Staking Testnet seems to be on the right track, demonstrating a solid foundation for BTC staking with an emphasis on user experience and transaction efficiency. However, like any testnet, there are areas for improvement, particularly in resource availability and asset interface speed.

Thanks for your attention!:pray:

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