Feedback on testnet-4 ( Testnet Staking )

That’s fantastic to hear! It’s always great when things go smoothly during testing phases. A seamless experience indicates that the development and testing teams have done an excellent job ensuring stability and functionality. It bodes well for the future stages of development and eventual deployment. What specifically stood out to you as particularly smooth or well-executed during Testnet 4?


Still pending, hope it will pass


nice very testnet and very god airdrop


Mine is still on pending …

Was very smooth and easy, I love the interface :fire:


I just staked BTC but it is pending

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staking was seamless for me, everything worked so smoothly, just the confirmation time is slow and we are used to it, but make mainnet abit faster

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very smooth but long time pending

Was very smooth and easy, I love the interface, core concept looks good

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To the moon because there is no error Testnet working fine

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faucet so lag, can you fix it?

still pending but very smooth

Its gonna be fun working with this project✌️
Its gonna be the futute💖

Time Got increasing, when confirming my stake transaction

Look it’s working so well, but still pending. Waiting the approval.

testing babylon from starting and i don thave any problem only one thing is faucet claim.

Nice!!! Everything is working well and fast. BTC staking is a new ground-breaking technology!

It’s pending too long

incredible experience, very smooth and easy to stake.But there is a bug in galxe when binding Bitcoin signet adress,hope to be solved soon

The testnet is actually seamless but I would love the the team to work on the time it takes for the staking to go through. Thank you

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