Feedback on testnet-4 ( Testnet Staking )

hmmmm nice one chad :stuck_out_tongue:

Still pending, hope it will pass

Everything is great on my side. Just the ambiguous word I get when there’s a staking error. UTXOs I don’t know what that means.

nice very testnet and very god airdrop V

very smooth but long time pending

I’m excited to participate in the launch of Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4 tomorrow! :tada:

As an enthusiastic member of the crypto community, I believe this testnet marks a significant step forward in Bitcoin staking. I’m looking forward to exploring the new features and improvements that Babylon has integrated into this testnet.

The user-friendly dashboard and the Galxe quest add an engaging layer to the experience. I can’t wait to see how these advancements will enhance my staking activities and contribute to the overall ecosystem.

I’m eager to see the community’s feedback and the impact this testnet will have. Let’s make this a great success!!!


It’s very easy to stake, but you have to wait for the block to count as an active stake, but what should you do when you get overflow status? Is there no redelegation, or do you have to go through unbond first?

I did it for steak and it’s a joy!!!)))

I very happy with Babylon I think that is an amazing project. The testnet and staking working so good, very smooth. Congratulations! Babylon team Testnet 4 great work.

you are incredible you have created such a cool product

At least 100,000 addresses participated in the test staking, and it didn’t crash. That’s great.

Very good testnet​:rocket::rocket::rocket:

Complete staking, test staking is good

The overall experience of the test network is smooth. It is a big project and worth following

One of the best fast and easy testnet

the steaking went well, we’re working on it.

the transaction was successful, let’s move on to product testing

Huge pump, silky smooth pledge, top-notch technology

everything went well, no bugs noticed.