Feedback Testnet - 4 Babylon

excellent task impressive work Babylon :grin:

im impressed with the new staking ui platform.

It is faster than before.

Smooth and fast as always

Thank You Babylon!! More to come

testnet easy to use and fast

I hope to increase the quota and allow more people to participate

Site server vary dawn please solve problem working time vary problem

Stacking overflow, So on task on Glaxe sussesful

Testing has become more complete

I am very happy to be in such a project. Staking BTC was a very smart move. I love the project very much, thank you family.Babylon Testnet 4 attracts a lot of people with its feedback, smooth operations, user-friendly distribution and attractive designs.

A great project with a great fundraising LFG​:fire::fire::fire:

the best project i have seen

Good interface
It is very easy to navitage

Staking runs flawlessly with no issues , Easy use , safe

very good project
i hope join with you.

I managed to make a steak. Thank you!

very good, no problems

all is good

good project
i hope join with you.