Feedback testnet4

I participated in the pledge campaign today and the whole process of the pledge task went very smoothly. From the beginning of the task assignment to the specific execution, every step was explained in detail and fully supported, which made me feel very relaxed and happy during the whole process. At the same time, the transparency of the whole process and the timely updating of information also gave me a clear understanding and confidence in the progress of the task. By participating in this pledge assignment, I not only deepened my understanding of the relevant processes and operations, but also improved my own practical experience. This is a very valuable learning and growth opportunity for me personally.

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It was cool, very fast

best project i love it

Tak trzymać :slight_smile: To się lubi. Go,go i do przodu.

strange do not really be sure or else

Site working good and all transaction complete fast

nice everything is working so smoothly…unfortunaly the staking was disabled hope it will enable soon

nice and smooth, tho i had little difficulty but the process all the same was smooth