Overview Babylon Testnet Feedback

Dear Babylon team !!!

First, I would like to thank the team for letting us experience and explore a special project !!!

So i would like give team some feedback below:
I. Overview funtion
1/The faucet doesn’t work, I tried faucets -btc & bbn several times on several different days but the same result.
2/ Staking Summary: I can not claim reward, i tried many time but same result.

3/ Set up staking: With a small number of people staking like this testnet phase, I think transaction confirmation is slow, the team needs to fix this problem.
4/ After refresh site, all wallet not remember, I think this issue should be improved for the convenience of end users.
II. Overview UI/UX
1/ I cannot search to find Select a BTC finality provider quickly. And I believe that a search box will be useful to users.
2/ Overview site is very simple but full of information for users, I think you need to add a few different highlights to make it more revolutionary instead of like this.

Final, good luck to team.
My discord: hungphung91
My X: @hungphung91

just used now, i wait to see how it work

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Testnet time back: 7:00 p.m. May 16, 2024 & lasts for 2 weeks. You can try it again , welcome !!!