Staking Babylon Testnet-4 feedback

Very Smooth, nice experience! LFG!


Nice experience. Faucet is now faster too. which makes the whole process simple


Very smooth and did not encounter any problems, Babylon is the king and future.

nicee,smooth transaction

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Till time facing no issue

Hello every one, Faucet is verry fast and comfortable

I like that the faucet is now much faster. I staked over 4 hours ago and noticed my stake is still pending.

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i cant stack now on !!

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yes, nice work when i staking. every easy with babylon

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i can’t find my history stake,but it tip Staking cap reached

Very fast and smooth


The pledge quota will soon be full.

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LFGGGGGG…Awesome Project <3 <3 <3

I finally made it, last time i can’t claim from the faucet. now the faucet is very fast and almost instantly received the sBTC and the staking proces is very smooth

I like this ecosistems :_:

great experience. Sooooo fast tbh

good to join my first btc test tnx.

No problem with staking but had to wait cuz cap was full

Good to see again BTC staking LFG :rocket:

Very Smooth, nice experience babylon is the best