Staking Babylon Testnet-4 feedback

work smoothly increase staking

it is smooth experience. the biggest problem is the cap is hit too fast and not everyone can participate and try it out

nicee,smooth transaction

Very very smooth using the staking

Very smooth and did not encounter any problems, Babylon is the king and future
faucet is now faster and staking too easy

staking done,but gave issues on error and delayed approval

i have test it .it is good

Network is congestion but website for stake is smooth. Faucet is difficult to find lol.

I have also done staking but galxy task is not getting verfi

Dificult to get Faucet

From the beginning until now there have been frequent errors, it seems there has been no system improvement at all. Hopefully in the future there will be system improvements to overcome errors

My stake is completed

Hopefully it will best :crossed_fingers:

I love the project~~~

Very Nice experience

fast and glitch-free transaction, worth seeing what happens under high load conditions

The steaking went well, all that’s left is to get approval on the galaxy.

good to join my first btc test tnx.

Nice experience. Faucet is now faster too. which makes the whole process simple

Smooth staking. However, I have to faucet many times to receive SBTC testnet.