Testnet babylon staking

I JUST STAKE AND no have problem bro

Little bit show. but ok

very good testnet!
babylon lfg!!!
staking is cool~

no issues so far, but what is the 3 delegation rule about?

The staking takes a relatively long time for the transaction to be succesful, sometimes it fails…
I just thought i should let you know

Its great but i dont understand why no rewards in claiming?

Nice one!! But I’m trying to understand this

right on. was smooth for me as well

Apart from the time taken to request feucets from the discord server the Staking process is very smooth

worked just fine though developed some issues at first but at the end followed the guide and successfully stake for the first time will be aquiring more tbtc to complete the remaining two phases

Great team i love thais team and this network i like it tjhanks for nfts thans thans thans great

I tried to claim my rewards. but It’s a bit slow.

yes testnet is smooth without problem

it’s easy, the process is smothly

it worked great and i am looking forward to the mainnet

no problem, everything good

Went well, was hassle-free

I discovered the testnet and the idea of ​​using bitcoin to secure blockchains and I found it great :ok_hand:

staking went well this time! smooth!

claimed tBBN rewards on 8th April @ 18:35 ref tx hash C4D510346B5352456B85DAEA940815858FE51921AE1B41E5785916B5D54D5A47

however 30mins after the tx, the front end of the staking dApp still shows the tBNN reward as unclaimed , and when I click the claim button, the dApp displays an “internal server error” screenshot attached