Testnet babylon staking

very great team with such a amazing members!!

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I do it every day.
good project

Me too
I’m thinking the same thing

Good job :slight_smile: faucet was complicated

I worked with this testnet feature. This is working smoothly and having good experience. Loved one

Staking work well, but i don’t understansd why we need to pu real BTC on a test net …

Phase 4 is live in twitter but site not working till now

the web is smooth Maybe because there isn’t big traffic yet, There is no dual stake option, there is only single stake

and a stake option period that cannot be changed

and there is no partial unstake/half unstake/percentace unstake option

faucet very slowly mannnn

so far no problem,great project

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Great Project and nice technology

I’m testing the network Babylon :+1:

Everything works quickly and correctly!

good one… thanks…
babylon ıs the best

the hope and good project

The procedure of staking was quick and easy.pleasant project with a creative team

everything works fine, only small amounts are dripping from the tap