Testnet Feedback 404

I just want to give feedback and suggestion if this is needed and hope this helps. First, I’ve tried all the features on babylon staking, I’ve tried it and the transaction runs smoothly and very quickly. but I’ll give you a few suggestions to consider, whether to use them or not.

  1. I hope that in the future it can be used on mobile because now it can only be used in desktop mode. Why should it be able to be used on mobile? Because it is easier to make transactions anywhere and anytime. Meanwhile, on desktop, we as users will find it difficult to make transactions. You know what I mean? Actually, users via cellphone can do so but must first adjust the settings so they can be used.

  2. To enter the amount to be deposited or withdrawl, I suggest that you add the percent option. by adding options 25%, 50%, 75% and max.Because maybe some users need this to enter the amount to deposited and withdrawl and make it easier for the user, of course.

  3. please add language options to make it easier for users. Even though English is the global language, But users will certainly find it easier to use it in their own language.

Maybe that’s a suggestion from me, hopefully it can be considered for mainnet. And good luck to you all on the mainnet later. :slight_smile:

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The stake process was easy and smooth, even claiming the rewards

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