they improve the staking time issue, pretty smooth now

Finally, I can stake and it went smoothly

stake took over 48 hours

So very Good testnet ! like

I finally staked my btc :palms_up_together:

Faucet doesn’t work again

nice project babylon

i have problem with my stalking in cap 2, stage 4, i send transaction on 5 minutes of begining, but my stalking overflow.

wow. staking faster than before :heart: wow. staking faster than before :heart:!!!

Ok tks for your feedback

capped and cant verify

The app is great, but I’ve noticed it can be a bit slow to load during peak times.

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Faucet does not work, I could only get it once

Great project,interesting, worthy of attention.Of course, there are nuances with staking.

I just managed to stake for first time in testnet-4. Everything work’s fine now but I have some pending transactions from earlier staking windows.

stake is still pending

Yes, agree no more. Hope to be better in the future