Testnet staking feedback

Update: the first transaction in “ongoing” (five days ago) today is active and doesn’t start from today to next 7 days(i have choose 7 days) but calculate that remain about others 4 days for the “unbonding”.So,it’s like my stake is starting 3 days ago.Tx below

My sBTC balance is still loading, and I couldn’t claim my staking reward, any help

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working nicely, just the claim is somtime not working.

it was good and i had no problem :heart_eyes:

I really liked it Babylon in staking process.

i could not get any tokens from discord faucet so i used the new developed faucet and finally was able to get test tokens. After that, the rest of the process was very easy and smooth

Staking and claiming went smoothly. As usual, the faucet came late.

It was no problem yet. It is working well!

Staking process went well. I loved it

Yes it was. But the first tima? Let me say nothing :sweat_smile:

Done! It was so smooth

I totally agree with it.

smooth and easy to use. thanks alot