Testnet staking feedback

faucet was very congest, pending staking for long time

Do you have an ETA for the unlock staking cap reached ?

Great experience with this project

Nice project. keep going guys

i liked it! It was easy and clear.

cant claim a task galxe. but i have txh

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I still have trouble with faucet… you shound do somthing with this

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why there is always i am failed to stake sBTC. IS THIS ISSUE FACING EVERYONE. THEN PLEASE RESOLVE IT ASAP

tôi thấy rằng việc dặt cược không hề dễ dàng chút nào

Testnet works perfect

Best Project #babylon☑️
Great… :+1:

the staking process is working smooth and nice

ux is solid, staking process smooth. Does take it’s time to get 10 confirmations though.
This is my 2nd time staking, first one was NS, this one on taproot. No issues.

I also can’t claim faucet. Saying I should come back and what’s worse is that it’s 6 hours.

go lets main to be continued

The time to stake is very long process

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Yes it’s a great project, i wish for him the best of luck

It’s faster than i thought of

The staking process was stress-free and I was able to stake without stress.

Smooth experience without any issues.