Testnet staking feedback

Fast staking, no errors were noticed in the protocol. The only problems were with receiving test tokens

Still pending, hope it will pass

network is too slow, faucet doesn’t work.

Pools is not work now.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the testnet for this incredible platform. The project is truly remarkable and I am thoroughly impressed by the platform. Thank you very much for this amazing experience.

The staking process was good,I liked it

besh wish i love that

The staking process was smooth,I really liked it

It’s a very nice experience and it feels very fluid

just taking a long on transaction confirmation

Staking is smooth. Getting sBTC via faucet is not easy though.

One of the most important projects is a unique project with a smooth experience

pending so long. :)))))))

its working perfectly

babylon great! i like

Everything went smooth for me

but I can’t get a test token on discord(´;ω;`)

ease tu use an nice ui

Testnet staking great

It’s a great project.