Welcome to Babylon! 👋

Отличный проект! рад быть здесь!!)

i had beed staked sbtc so early, but it is pending, my gas so low so i was overflow.

i am staked, but pending sir.

ow thanks, but gas so increase sir

when i staking, i can not repair gas in my okx wallet

Nice testnet, good job team <3

How much time do we have to stake bitcoin

Great, I would like to see how far this goes.

good project.smooth smooth

strong Project all task done

Very easy to use eventhough it takes sometime to complete transactions. After all it went well.

Greit !
Launch it !
After all it went well.

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jhgdsjhgsdgjhsgdg sdjkddlk llkjdsk k

Babylon is future of the BTC!

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all is well now but it is so ggod there is no limit this time for staking

finally I’m done with the staking thanks babylon


I will like to contribute to the progress made by you and every member of the team so far, thank you a bunch.`

i finish the test

Activities to make the system better than this are very difficult to enter.