Babylon: Staking Bitcoin for Proof-of-Stake Security

Babylon proposes a protocol allowing users to stake their Bitcoin (BTC) to secure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. This is significant because:

  • Large, Dormant Bitcoin Supply: A vast majority of Bitcoin sits unused. Babylon aims to unlock this potential by enabling BTC participation in PoS security.
  • Boosting PoS Security: Many PoS chains struggle with securing their networks due to limited staked assets. Babylon’s BTC staking could significantly improve their security.

Key Points:

  • Users lock their BTC in a secure vault on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Staking rewards come from PoS chains, not by creating new Bitcoins.
  • Security relies on cryptographic mechanisms to prevent misuse of staked BTC.
  • No modification of the Bitcoin blockchain itself is required.


  • Increased security for PoS chains.
  • More utility for the existing Bitcoin supply.
  • Potential for innovative Bitcoin-based financial products.

Further Exploration:


Babylon has been pending for a long time