BTC Staking Litepaper Reveal - Community call and questions

Our co-founder David Tse unveils BTC Staking Litepaper and provides an in depth view for the community.

Listen to the Twitter Space

Everyone is welcome to join, please hit the reply button and ask your questions for David to answer.


:hourglass_flowing_sand: :hourglass: :hourglass: :blush: Have to admit this has my curiosity peaked, how can one stake natively on a pow chain? My mind can’t grasp this! Can’t wait for the space-all the best!


Hi @Spyke, thanks for your interest! Our protocol allows BTC holders to lock their bitcoins on BTC network (the PoW chain) to validate PoS chains, which effectively yields “bitcoin staking for PoS chains”.


I think bringing PoS to Bitcoin blockchain is a good state of giving everyone the opportunity to partake in blockchain rewards. An innovation in indeed, by addressing the challenges of high power and energy consumption of PoW.
And utilizing 21 millions of BTC will add more value to the blockchain


Question. In the Litepaper, it states that a staking contract contains four transactions. Are these four transactions (1) staking transaction, (2) unbonding transaction, (3) thrashing transaction, and (4) unstaking transaction?


I am Complete Participation Staking BTC :partying_face:

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i think i was a little bit late to it

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