Claim tBBN doesn't work

I staked tBBN exactly 27 days ago, and today I tried to claim the rewars that I had available, and the claim button is simply dead, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t give any error or anything, it just doesn’t work, I think it’s a testnet bug


Yes it doesn’t work :face_exhaling:


I staked and the claim button is highlighted. But I think the duration chosen is adhered to.

But meanwhile the okx page that was shared to mint the nft for the completed task was not getting through till date…
Does it matter?

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Working good now but more first trx required

Same here! I tried many times without success!

How did you manage to claim it! Mine cannot go through it!

HI pledged 0.0002 SBTC

Same here, even keplr alr approve the tx but it keeps spinning

i don’t know how you did it

it worked for me. better to ask in discord community