Feedback Testnet- 4 (Bitcoin Staking)

I really liked the project, the implementation is on top. Of the nuances, this is a small amount in the pool, but as I look at it, a lot of people have been writing for a long time. Well, as it is, everything is fine.


First of all the Faucet claiming process should be scaled to meet the growing number of users testing the Babylon Staking Program. Second, the staking acceptance rate on the Babylon Staking dashboard should be reduced which could be an important step towards the Babylon mainnet staking program. Lastly the team should devise a framework/dashboard where the testnet users could track their progress from the Season 1 testnet onwards, so that they can ensure their eligibility for the future rewards from babylon. Thanks and Regards

staking got filled very quickly.


Hey @tradeall I suggest you talk to the support team to get your staking difficulties resolved.

Reach out to the support team at contact@babylonlabs

staking going well but all pools are full
need grow up pulls

The staking process was really and went smoothly but took a long time tho

This is the next big thing for Bitcoin. Babylon are the pioneers in the space.
Testnet capping can be a bit troublesome for hunters but it’s a good way to keep the community engaged. I was able to successfully stake after a couple of tries over the last 1 month.

all pages ui is good and during work, i have done smoothly all task but staking page not working in some browsers like vivaldi browser.
thankyou :heart_eyes:

it is smoooth af! best chain ever

Server response seemed very quick.
good job!