Testnet completely stalled

This photo comes from 2 day ago: i was “bonded” only with a validator,Cosmostation and i can’t delegato no more to others or increase Cosmostation self.
yesteday i claimed rewards but nothing to dao and today the same.
I don’t ever made “unbonding” on cosmostation,my least bond and today…
“Cosmostation 0.005 Signet BTC 24 days 22 days 15 hours 58 minutes ago Unbonding (3 hours 9 minutes ago)”.I can’t explain to me how is possible,i don’t have an answer
Tx unbond… https://mempool.space/signet/tx/dc54d033a6775d3bed4057c16d1a468705faacc0e3a0ab3a666b83b4feddd6a6

actual photos to compare

Up until 10 days ago everything was working fine