Can't finish Galxe Task!

Hi team, I’ve staked sBtc on Native Segwit chain in, wait for 2 days, my transaction hash is f2dd3ba5adf26c523f5e95e8549b9b4003a420b90e1b0bc899779ec59a8d2450, my wallet address is: tb1qe945suln6xljst9zsdph2f8kjk8gd54lnvs2fr.
The staking is done completed but when I connect my signet btc wallet to my galxe profile, I can’t connect Native Segwit Wallet address, I’m only can Taproot Wallet address in my galxe profile so the task Galxe can’t comfirm in this case! So how can I finish please?
Love to see your reply soon. Thanks

ME TOO, Should I keep waiting?


@STONE1111 do you have issues staking?