Tesnet Feedback babylon

I have staked BTC but the transaction is pending. and I can’t complete the galxe task.

How long does it take for a successful transaction on the web?




The experience is not bad


I like the simplicity of the staking platform. I did not encounter any problem. Everything is working fine


good project, but long to wait for sBTC

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that so great sir i love babylon

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babylon i staked them i and have anything

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The staking is smooth, the only issue I have with the testnet is the confirmation time, it takes time to confirm your staked fund.

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The stake has been in the pending state for 36 hours.

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staking takes a bit too long. Cap is limited for last time.

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Good News Babylon Projects

The chain has passed, but the website still has not passed

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See the gas-free high and low when confirming

gas-free high and staking issues slow

just tried it, how long to be verified by galxe?

im sorry but its so slow

lets just wait a while and see if it goes tru

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awesome staking and no problem so far , but galxe didnt complete it pls be good

This time everything was smooth and I could finally stake

me 2
i have stajed but pending position and galaxy task isnot verify