Faucet btc signet

its so hard for claimed on discord, how i can staking , if i cant get faucet


muito dificil conseguir os faucets, o discord não está disponibilizando.

I had to struggle to claim test token from faucet site and discord channel

Nothing new really just the faucet option in discord never worked, had to get it externally. Otherwise happy with everything

Cant claim faucet please fix it

I was unable to claim faucet, please work on it

Из трех предложенных работает 1 https://faucet.tomo.inc/. Много ожидания и сложно

( failed to transfer the money to (my address) the faucet is busy, please try again later.
I always get this msg when i tried to get faucet.

Faucet issue, unable to complete most tasks or test apps

The faucet problem is difficult