Faucet Testnet (testnet-4)

Hi Babylon,

I previously used the faucet but forgot to check it. Today, I checked again and did not receive any sats. The transaction is not found.

Link here: 0aeb0b0645b010c9ee7ba52e39de9d5104cc0cf107cf275e999ba3814f061c20

I would like to know if I can faucet from the same Discord account but use a different wallet address?
I am currently under a 6-hour lock and cannot try it right now.

Thank you for reading.

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Hello @jack688688688 i was in the same show yesterday,and it got sorted out by the support team.

I’ll advise you reach out to them also via live chat

Здравствуйте, всё работает хорошо!