Feedback of the current testnet

I tried multiple times yesterday 29th of February made complain about it being slow seems better on March 1st.


Great experience with this great team

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Babylon testnet when launch

woow que bien anda este proyecto. btc e ibc. solo una cosa no funciona reclamar recompensas

great test, it works

Testnet works great, UI is smooth!

transaction speed was good. but i think need to change testnet btc. signet btc faucet was too bad. almost people cant use signet faucet. so if change testnet btc. it will be good for normal people.

sometimes it slow and sometimes it fast. we should try it continuously.

lots of bugs , for example when i tried to claim some of the bbl rewards i get asked for a memo that we have not and then the txt get stuck not allowing people to claim rewards