Feedback for testnet

transaction duration high, all over system are fantastic.


Staking is very smooth and fast. Staking platform is user friendly too. I enjoy testing this out. Good job to the team.

Faucet was something else but thank God i made it

It was very hard to get testnet tokens from signetfaucet, but once that was resolved and distribution of sBTC’s started through Discord, everything went as smooth as butter. The staking process was also straightforward and easy.

Simple and easy-to-use UI

But transaction time can be reduced

Staking Platform so simple and easy to use, transaction also so quick, keep that good work guys…bit slow in faucet but finnaly you gusy manage to solve those problem…congrats to the team

Staking good and ui very great, but faucet btc not working

Transactions was very fast. i like it.
only faucet is really hard to get sBTC
smoothy experince. thanks