Feedback testnet (testnet-4 staking)

This project is really great, the features are interesting and there are some things that make me really like it, namely:

  1. the transaction is fast
  2. Elegant and easy to use
  3. the user can understand the menu perfectly
  4. There are no defects in the design
  5. the product runs according to what the user expects always success and hopefully it can be a promising project when mainnet arrives.

vry good
This could be an excellent experience!

I am glad that I am taking part in such a project. I couldn’t send coins for staking for a long time, but that’s what the testnet is for, to check everything. I just managed to sign the transaction, I’m waiting for the blocks to be confirmed. I think everything will go well! The tap often does not work, as can be seen from the influx of a large number of participants. Good luck to the project. I will test further!

I just staked my sBTC in the validator and everything went very smooth.