my feedback on Babylon BTC staking (phase 2)

I would like to tell you my thoughts about the Babylon BTC staking project. Why did you want to participate in the testnet?
First of all, I’ve always been attracted to blockchain projects that actually try to connect with the real world. “Blockchain technology is the future” (c), I want to believe in it, and a project like Babylon BTC Staking really gives real income from your idle bitcoins in a safe way. The platform developers really want to build a revolutionary method that will be used by all BTC holders without exception. On the staking website, everything is intuitive, any beginner can figure it out without any problems, since everything you need is immediately visible, these are pools for staking, just select a pool, indicate the quantity and click stake.
Of course, the factors listed above are not all that made me want to participate. But these were enough for me to plunge into the Babylon BTC staking program without hesitation.