Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4 Feedbacks

The test took a while at first due to btc gas fee, but when it went lower it was smooth… great testnet!


i believe that Babylon will make BTC great than ever


The staking was easy and very intuitive!


the staking take time but overall good everything is working fine

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staking took me quite a while, though afterwards ran smoothly

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It was a smooth and straight forward process!

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it is very awesome and amazing when testing it

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i love baby loan because he has a huge potential

its going to be better in near future…

It was a seamless experience staking on Cap 3.

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Staking was smooth, though will like to see regular increment in the staking cap.
Thank you

Worked also smooth for me. well done team

LFG Babylon team, testnet is fine for me

despite the many bots running around, I think babylon is able to maximalize their ideas about restaking btc well.
The idea is clear, you have BTC and they offer a safe staking place, have a high and layered level of security, gas fees adjustable, with the large number of participants which we know may be caused by bots, Babylon’s security is proven to be tactical and alert. appropriate queues, the system is also good at handling long traffic. I just hope that in the future, they are able to minimize bots, if only this was intentional as a stress test, well I think they were quite successful. easy, simple, layered security and safe, with btc core as well. sounds crazy good, right?

my staking btc wallet:

my evm wallet for galxe task:

anyway, cheers for the team, cant wait for the next jump!

quite smooth staking process but it took a long time for me to wait until I was able to stake today.

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Very smooth! Good project!

very good and no problem for staking

how to pass the Galxe task? i have finished the stake task, but not pass it , why?

are we using the sbtc taproot or native segwit for staking cos i used native segwit and i cant verify my tasks on galxe

yigezi,babylon tst is nb