My Testnet Feedback

Getting faucet was quite slow, I understand traffic was heavy but i believe it can be expanded.
Overall staking was quite fast and smooth with a clean UI/UX which is easy to navigate


i have done all tasks smoothly great project glad to be here LFG :fire:


Super slow to receive faucet


It took awhile for me to get the btc testnet tokens but I appreciate that the team made their own discord faucet for the community. Staking though for me was seamless! Bullish with Babylon!


yes, it is received after 24 hours


. Easy to use and very Intuitive
2.It would be great,that user can have option to disconnect the wallets from the page.
3. The confirmation process is a bit lagging.


Getting faucet was really slow and I hope this will be improved upon.


my testnet to babylon has been neutral. having lots of issues intercting w galxe and completing tasks that i already completed. i guess there is bugs . mostly on the twitter tasks such as the ones were we have to give like to a post. i already completed tasks and it doesnt recognize. also faucet btc is almost imposible to get. other than that babylon web page looking good . hopefully u guys fix it so users can be active and play around and enjoy the experience thanks


The Testnet is one of the smoothest i’ve done…love the project


have done all the tasks and it was super easy


It took me almost 20hrs before I receive the testnet token, but it’s okay because the staking task is very easy and smooth. Overall, it’s still a job well done!

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The UI is amazing , love the page, the biggest hurdle is getting the faucet, after 3 days of working different faucets finally got the test tokens . I had some test BTC in my unisat wallet sent it but doest show up on my okx wallet for some reason. Overall its a good experience…

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My faucet experience was one of the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. I understand the traffic was heavy, but there is room for improvement. Taking down the website and creating a Discord channel faucet instead looked to be more of a security risk.

Overall staking was quite fast and smooth. The staking UX/UI was THE best I have seen in my 5 years in the market. I look forward to the official launch of Babylon.

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Over all smooth Work but Faucet is too Slow.

It’s been great so far,.

I staked Btc Yesterday. Still pending

Nice project… All task done. But faucet receive 1 days latter

Faucet took time to come, but the experience is smooth.

Testnet faucet is so much slow but the staking site is smooth and fast work very fast also

Nice project bitcoin goes to moon