Babylon Testnet - 4 Feedback

Everything works admirably well, I didn’t notice any problems. I agree with the others that an extremely small pool for people would be great if it were expanded, well, everything is fine.


every thinh was good and fluent for me just get faucet was very hard and so slowly

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Hi @voripiri i also has the faucet difficulties yesterday but was directed on what to do by the support team…I will advise you reach out to them also.

Just start up a conversation via the live chat icon on the page



i think chain is too slow i waiting for long time to deligate this.

yes sir i also same think so because the hype is too much for the project that’s why the faucet is delay.

Yes i also have then same issue with the stacking time because the fundamental of the project is good and the faucet is not going to work.

Im in to the pool! You can adjust cap on mainnet

Hey @Ritu1973 A support ticket RL20041 has been created for you and sent to the support team regarding your complaint. Connect through the live support page contact@babylonlabs

Click on the live chat icon at the bottom corner of the page to initiate chat.

Everything works good and I didn’t notice any problems.

it is easy to use and smooth but please increase the staking cap

Hey @azizzco95 You can get your staking cap increased by using the ticket ID RL20081

Reach out to the support team at support@babylonlabs

Hello! I was able to stake the test signet BTC only on my 50th attempt. The wallet did not open and did not show the transaction value. As a result, me miraculously managed to stake the coins after reaching the cap.

Hey @Mashagem You can have all errors and issues resolved by using the ticket ID RL20045

Reach out to the support team at support@babylonlabs

verify galaxt so slowly i forget to verify that

Hey @finitf You can verify your Galxe by using the ticket ID RL20047 when talking to the support team.

Reach out to the support team at support@babylonlabs

this is a nice BTC stake platform.

Babylon is a number 1 BTC staking platform. everyone should try it

everybody should try to this platform. it is a good BTC staking platform.