sBTC Staking and Pioneer Pass

Is there any way to see our Pioneer Pass? I claimed it, the staking page confirmed I claimed it when I double checked, but I can’t see it anywhere in my wallet. I know its there because Galxe allowed me to complete the task. Anyone know how to see it? Just curious. Thanks!!!


I also want know same …


seems like nobody knows where our pass could be find tho


i didn’t know that we have to claim a pioneer pass is there any chance that i can get it now?


Same issue. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


my stacking is completed but not able to collect pioneer passs, before that event is end now what I do


Where to sstake bro?

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Can you tell us?:pray::pensive:i really cannot understand how?

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Hi, I experienced same issue. Basixally, it was quite hard to get sBTC and don’t catch why using Okx.

I dont have pass because the mission has complete. if i do same test net task is it valuable for me or not

Same issue for many ppls. maybe our addresses has been in data and NFTs will be distrubuted lately… Just my thoughts.

why it closed soon. in the announcement it was supposed to be in 6 days. many of testers even couldnt receive faucet.

I claimed Pass No 33369 - but with my Polygon adress from Phantom-SOL-Wallet. There is a Polygon Chain in it and this is the one I used to claim.

But at Galxe I can not complete the Season 2 - which is logical, because Galxe do not know my Phantom-Polygon adress. My Phantom wallet is connected to Galxe - but not as evm-chain-wallet, it only shows up as SOL-wallet.
I really do not know what to do. My own fault, I know…

So I have the pioneer pass (hopefully the pass will arrive at my Phantom wallet - it should be in 6 days as far as I know) - but I can not claim the second NFT Babylon Beacon Series 2, because there is no way to get Galxe to set my Phantom wallet as second EVM…crazy

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i forget claiming nft pass ! i had stake in the first day my eyes are closed !
is there a sollution please ?

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me the same! never advertised

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Ok, I solved it. Someone in the Babylon Discord gave me the solution. Import seed into metamask and set it as second EVM in Galxe!
But the finishing in Galxe Babylon Series 2 does not work. Now the problem can not be the polygon adress


I’d like to know this too.

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I’d like to know this too.strong text

some users yet to receive faucet

Same here, i can t see it :grimacing: