Why Pioneer Pass NFT event ends on 2nd, Mar? it is 20th, Mar on Galxe

these days, the staking page https://btcstaking.babylonchain.io/ is super crazy and I could not even find validators on it(not showing up). I have finished all tasks in Galxe Babylon Series 2 by Babylon | Galxe
just need stake my sBTC but failed due to official website reason.
Now it is over??


The NFT supply is completely minted
There are only 27100 babylon2 NFTs available
Also the testnet participants were crazy enthusiastic.

no way to get it though it is faucet issue from the team?

ping via Babylon <notifications@babylon.discoursemail.com>于2024年3月3日 周日12:57写道:

You can still get it by buying on the Opensea or Element market

that’s cheating, incentivise black market lol


No BTC claim I’m try many time