Test token faucet problem

Even though I requested a test token from the site and Discord 3 days ago, the test token has just arrived. I wanted to start staking with great enthusiasm, but unfortunately the 100000 limit was reached. Since the test token did not arrive in 3 days, I could not participate and this made me sad. I’m waiting for your new good news.
babylon :bbn1her6e3w989pj9tdsn8zk52neqs62c400manjly
sbtc: tb1pfw0la5pvmzadxn9jp02enrqhlwx0v9pla9xfae3jm04jjcns7fvsw5x6at

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galxe 0x1b8d150c0f54148968dCcff723B3C5f8536C6208