An increased target for more sampling: checked the page too early and actually logged in too late

For those who had waited a great deal of time but could not be part of the first phase, unfortunately. Subsequent phases should carry more weightier sum


ok sounds good
but only when you aswer my message


okk i will try
next time maybe!


I will be glad answer your message. What is it?


Are you staking BiTCoin ? @Pawan42

Dear Babylon team
You did great job at phase one staking
But now I don’t know what the hell you guys are doing, we should be getting better and not getting worst please. To get a faucet is a problem, to stake is a problem, even after staking to get your galxe task done is a problem, staking will be taking full day on pending. That’s not so good to be frank

Hey @paebi Apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced within the project. You should reach out to the support team to have all error resolved.

Reach out to the support via btcstaking.testnet.babylonchain

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