Babylon 4 testnet staking

Increasing the maximum staking cap will help alot of people participate in the testnet and better stress test the product in preparation for a crazy mainnet


it is closed this moment. And i dont undertstand if it will open again!!

completely agreed with your comment

So hot…! I love it

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great project and it will become future chain support


agree you , zhende youdianka hahah

that is my main right now. hoping it does return

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super cool!next will be better


easy and smooth
I had no difficulty
well done

Please increase the staking cap so we can easily do the task

the transaction was smoothly.

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thats the problem i have also

good good ok very good go gogo

agree, and the gas is too high

Yes. it would be very beneficial. In the future also

i hope its okey it good project

i dont have enough sbtc to success

looking forward for this project

rets go time low time