Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4, Cap 2 issues

I staked 0.0005 sbtc to Ankr but my staking summary doesn’t show anything, and my balances has gone and here is my hash

after the stake, a window showed up tell me that I succeed staked but seems not, check my screenshot


@harrenyang if you’re still having issue with your staking or Faucet reach out to the support team to have your issue resolve efficiently btcstaking.testnet.babylonchain


I dont think its a official link bro, sad:(

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The testing is smooth, but the pending transactions are so slow!!. I enjoyed the testnet system and thank you the team

Very smooth experience so far! Waiting my 5 hours to get it from the faucet!

Thks @Newcastle …Will do it!!!

Thanks so much a lot of exciting coming

Stacking overflow, So on task on Glaxe completed , Why ?

Plesae fix error Stacking overflow

why stake cap full ?

yes same issues please help

My stake is completed

Can you check it again? It can done

Nice project babylon Tesnet 4

Done staked in 5min since start but overflow after long pending.

Stake done but overflow

Overflow after waiting hours for pending stake

There were issues with overflow error and pending stake afterwards but its working fine now

Why galxe task doesn’t verify

Great project, looking forward