Can't verify galaxe

I don’t have a visa to verify galxe. I already have a mint pioneer pass


Same issue bro. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Same. I already stake and claim in Pioneer babylon but i can’t claim nft in galxe.


Same issue


hi i am a create babylon nft

Same issue. I already minted pioneer pass. But unable to verify the second task on Galxe

me too , i cant very

Me too, I also have the same problem

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same problem… i have claimed poineer pass but unable to verify it on galxy
my polygon address is 0x1cC4AA6689a2930DeF7d88703E3D777F6065aa69

Hi Team Open Galxe Page Again So Many User Had issue to Verify.Thank You

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I have finished stake and claim but cannot fix the galxe task

I wish the team would say something. A lot of poeple have the same issue. It would be great to hear an update.

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its same account, my tg connected on galxe but why appear that on my screen

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me too bro where is pioneer pass

Sometimes Galxe crush in errors.
Here’s some tips for solve the problem.

  1. refresh the page
  2. Shut galxe page, and open again. you need to click quest before the verify.
  3. Open page and wait for a minutes, then verify.

or there’s a case, I claim Pioneer Pass with another wallet address, am I blow my opportunity to get beacon NFT?

in this case, you have to export the wallet which you guys claimed Pass, and import it to the wallet that you used to in galxe. there’s a way to add wallet address in same galxe account.

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I did all the galxe but the Babylon yet arrive in my keplr wallet .more than 148 hours.
Telegram could not connect to submit the task.

Galxe task…so tiring