What the hell Babylon team made with Galxe stage 2 Quest?

So who is eligible to have babylon pioner pass? Those who submitted their evm address on https://pioneers.babylonchain.io/ or those who claimed nft stage 2 on galxe?

Why no certain announcement from team?

Many questions from community zero answers!!!

I have made whole quest but i cant claim pioneer stage 2 quest NFT on Galxe


first quest is done or nah?

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first is opened, but as it seems second one has special value because IT WAS LIMITED (nobody knew it lmao) by quantity of particiapiants and now its even impossible to claim on galxe stage 2 nft even if you already have done that task

for those of us who could not get tokens in time. We don’t get nft or ability to stake?

Foe now, only wait for the announcements in next few days I hope.
Total claims for Stage 2 are around 27.03K something.

Let’s wait for now buddy, lots of Pioneer Pass owners haven’t done the same task due to some error too.

Well, a lot of people wanted to claim the series 2, as I wanted to hundred times, but everytime it was an error…so I hope they fix it and everyone that is eliglible can claim the series 2…
The Problem was the Polygon adress, which often was not the first EVM adress in Galxe…and as I added the right adress to Galxe as third EVM adress it also was not possible to cliam. And after that, the Series 2 gone from Galxe.